Year in Review 2023

Year in Review 2023— 1A T ennessee owned Lakeway Publishers Inc. has pulled together its resources in the Middle Tennessee division to present its inaugural Year in Review, featuring the top stories from all nine of the division’s news organizations. Contributing to the year in review are the tradi- tional Lakeway news organizations including The Grundy County Herald, Moore County News, Man- chester Times, The Tullahoma News, The Elk Val- ley Times and The Herald Chronicle . Joining the long-standing news organizations in the combined publication are newly launched papers including The Marion Tribune, The Bedford County Post and The Marshall County Post – all of which were formed by Lakeway in 2023 after the sudden departure of the former papers in their coverage areas. The nine news organizations are located in eight di ff erent counties in South Central Tennessee, cov- ering a vast amount of territory between Interstate 65 and Interstate 24 (Fayetteville to South Pitts- burg east to west). They combine to serve tens of thousands of readers by providing both digital and printed news. Some cities represented in the division include, but are not limited to, Fayetteville, Corners- ville, Shelbyville, Normandy, Monteagle, Lewisburg, Petersburg, South Pittsburg, Jasper, Whitwell, Tul- lahoma, Manchester, Altamont, Beersheba Springs, Tracy City, Bell Buckle, Lynchburg, Huntland, Cow- an, Decherd, Estill Springs, Ardmore, Winchester, Wartrace, Sewanee and many others. Each news organization was asked to contribute several of their top stories from 2023 to make up the year in review. The stories span from crime and disas- ters to lifestyles, politics and sports. The consortium between the local papers to present a regional publi- cation that will reach a broader audience through all nine Lakeway organizations is one of several which readers will enjoy this year and going forward. Duane Sherrill Regional Editor Lakeway Publishers, Inc. Southern Middle Tennessee Year in review Serving the Southern Middle Tennessee Region t #FEGPSE $PVOUZ 1PTU t &ML 7BMMFZ 5JNFT t (SVOEZ $PVOUZ )FSBME t )FSBME $ISPOJDMF t .BODIFTUFS 5JNFT t .BSJPO 5SJCVOF t .BSTIBMM $PVOUZ 1PTU t .PPSF $PVOUZ /FXT t 5VMMBIPNB /FXT MARSHALL U i܈ÃLÕÀ} ÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊU Ê ˆ“L> MARION U-VœÌÌÃLœÀœ