Manchester's Finest 2023

44 —Manchester’s Finest 2023 Great Lakes Cheese takes home Finest Industry/Manufacturer G reat Lakes Cheese was established in 1958, but Manchester’s Finest Industry/ Manufacturer for 2023 has been producing cheese in the local community since 2014. Plant Manager Dawn Butcher said it is exciting for everyone at Great Lakes Cheese to be recognized as Manchester’s Finest. “We know that we are doing things well to be voted in that category,” Butcher said. “We take a lot of pride in that and we say we try to be a family environment and hopefully that is what our team members feel as well.” Robin Walton, human resources manager, said the company which employees about 500 people at its Manchester factory, has multiple families with multiple generations employed there. “Our mantra is “For generations to come,” Walton said. “Being part of Manchester’s Finest hopefully tells the city and surrounding areas that hey, not only is it a great place to work but it is a great place to drive success and comfort for your family as they grow in the system.” The Foshee Family is just one of those multi- generational families working at Manchester’s Great Lakes Cheese location. It all started with Ronnie Foshee, who started working in the company’s warehouse department. He then suggested his son Trevor and nephew Austin join the team. After that, Austin brought his brother Braden to Great Lakes Cheese and then Trevor convinced his mom Gay to join the team. Last but not least, Gay’s daughter Traci began working at Great Lakes Cheese in May 2022. Every family member except Ronnie began their career at the organization in the operations department. Since then, Braden has moved to the Maintenance Team and Gay is now in Human Resources while other family members have experienced promotions and opportunities inside the Operations Department. Great Lakes Cheese makes sure that motivation and talent are recognized. As a company that celebrates “Generations to come,” Great Lakes Cheese encourage its employee owners to have family and friends join. The company credits its success to the motivation and drive of the folks that focus on meeting the needs of its customers daily.