Breast Cancer Awareness - 2022

2 — Breast Cancer Awareness 2022 B reast cancer is the most commonly oc- curring cancer in women across the globe. Accord- ing to the World Cancer Research Fund Interna- tional, there were more than 2.26 million new cases of breast cancer in women in 2020. Such fi gures are sobering, but it’s important to recog- nize that breast cancer survival rates have im- proved dramatically in recent decades, provid- ing hope to the millions of women who may be diagnosed with the dis- ease in the years to come. Various factors have helped to improve breast cancer survival rates, and education about the disease is certainly among them. Women are their own greatest allies against breast can- cer, and learning to spot its signs and symptoms is a great fi rst step in the fi ght against this poten- tially deadly, yet treat- able disease. Knowing your body The American Cancer Society urges women to take note of how their breasts normally look and feel. That knowledge is vital because it helps women recognize when something does not look or feel right to the touch with their breasts. Screening alone may not be su ffi cient, as the ACS notes that mammograms do not fi nd every breast cancer. Signs and symptoms When women are well acquainted with how their breasts look and feel, they’re in bet- ter position to recognize any abnormalities, which may or may not be in- dicative of breast cancer. The ACS reports that the following are some po- tential warning signs of breast cancer. • A new lump or mass: The ACS indicates that this is the most com- mon symptom of breast cancer. A lump or mass that is cancerous is of- ten painless, but hard and has irregular edges. However, lumps caused by breast cancer also can be soft, round and tender. Some even cause pain. • Swelling: Some women experience swell- ing of all or part of a breast even if they don’t detect a lump. • Dimpling: The skin on the breast may dim- ple. When this occurs, the skin on the breast sometimes mimics the look of an orange peel. • Pain: Pain on the breast or nipple could in- dicate breast cancer. • Retraction: Some women with breast can- cer experience retrac- tion, which occurs when the nipple turns inward. • Skin abnormalities: Breast cancer may cause the skin on the breast to redden, become dry, fl ake, or thicken. • Swollen lymph nodes: Some women with breast cancer ex- perience swelling of the lymph nodes under the arm or near the collar- bone. The presence of any of these symptoms merits a trip to the doctor. Wom- en with these symptoms should not immediately assume they have breast cancer, as the ACS notes that various symptoms of breast cancer also are indicative of non-cancer- ous conditions that a ff ect the breasts. Only a physi- cian can diagnose breast cancer, which under- scores the importance of reporting symptoms to a doctor immediately. Potential warning signs for breast cancer 931-433-6634 • Roll-Off Containers • Construction • Industrial • Demo Debris • General Clean-Up • Commercial • Cardboard Recycling Trash Service • Residential • Commercial • Industrial • Cardboard Recycling Serving the Community For Over 50 Years Local Peoples Gas Co. 3296 Lewisburg Hwy Petersburg, TN 37144 931-659-6981 Mark Messick (931) 607-7653 (615) 896-5656 EXIT REALTY BOB LAMB & ASSOCIATES ® There are over 3.8 million EUHDVW FDQFHU VXUYLYRUV LQ WKH 8QLWHG 6WDWHV 100% Family Owned and Operated 2812 Hillsboro Hwy, Manchester, TN 37355 • (931) 723-7774 6 :RRGODQG 6W 0DQFKHVWHU 71 1 -DFNVRQ 6W 7XOODKRPD 71 ZZZ WRSUHKDE FRP &KHFN XV RXW RQ We stand with you Awareness is powerful! Make TOP Rehab your TOP Choice