Medical Directory

The Medical Directory 3 ª *OUFSJN )FBMUI$BSF *OD &BDI PGmDF JT JOEFQFOEFOUMZ PXOFE BOE PQFSBUFE 1IPUP i" )BQQZ 'BNJMZw CZ 5POZ "MUFS nJDLS DPN QIPUPT !/ DSFBUJWFDPNNPOT PSH MJDFOTFT CZ They probably weren’t thinking about home health care fifty years ago. At Interim, we were already providing it. PROVIDING HOME CARE NATIONWIDE FOR OVER 50 YEARS 954-000-0000 | Since 1966, Interim HealthCare has helped families care for their loved ones with a wide range of in-home services, all provided with the highest levels of professionalism and compassion. And, as an industry leader for over 50 years, we offer a level of stability, security, and experience unavailable anywhere else. (423) 587-8771 w.interimhealt